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My leatherwork is very much an expression of my own ancestry. Looking like it came out of a Celtic legend or was worn to a bufflao dance  or somewhere in between...

Being of Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch & Lakota Sioux blood, I feel I am connecting to and working with my ancestors when ever I make a piece.

I can make :

Tops  - halter , corset, bodice. One size fits most. All are adjustable with back and usually side lace up.

Skirts - Fringe, wrap around, Patchwork, All in various lengths.

Belts - Hip belts with multiple pockets (all buttons are either gemstone, wood, Antler or Abalone)

Bags - Purses, Pipe Bags, Flute Bags, Pouches, Medicine Bags, etc

Book and journal covers

Wrist and Arm Bands/cuffs - with snap, button or wrap around closure.

And if you really want me too, Yes, I can make a whole dress.        

Gemstones or symbols/designs of your choosing can also be incorporated into any of my leather work to create a very outspoken and unique piece.

Unique, Natural & Earthy,

Hand Sewn Leatherwork

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