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Elegant and Authentic Gemstone Jewelry

In Sterling Silver & 14 karat Gold.

All hand made with LOVE, for you  by me!



After many years of always trying to make something new everytime I sat down to create inventory, I realized that it would make a lot more sense to just make duplicates of what seems to sell the best. And thus began these three main jewelry collections.


"The Atlantis Collection" pieces are all made with freshwater pearls as the foundation "bead". 

I've made these pieces with mermaids and ocean mist in mind. All of the items in the Atlantis Collection have a distinctly light, feminine, air and water feel to them and are perfect for any woman wanting to bring a bit of ocean magic or mermaid allure to her look. 


"The Avalon Collection"  has more earth and fire tones. They ar more striking, more solid, more suited to be around the neck of a bronze age Celtic queen or dangling from the ear of Lady Guinevere or adorning an Elven maiden deep in the forest. 



"The Scarab Collection"  are all made from the kind of stones featured in all the treasures unearthed from Ancient Egypt. Have you ever seen one of those brilliant gem inlaid winged scarabs or winged hawk images in National Geographic? All the splendors found in the tombs of King Tut and Ahnkenaten?  They all had the same combination of gemstones : Lapiz Lazuli, Garnet, Turquiose, Carnelian, and Jade.. And all these stones are stunning when worn together and fitted in gold. Each piece carries a richness that conjures images of a a Saharan sunset and the feel of age old royalty. 





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