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I   Just   love   making   custom   orders!

         Jewelry   Custom   Orders


I take great joy in making custom pieces. I have an in depth awareness of the metaphysical & healing properties of gemstones which, like herbs, plants and flowers, each have their own unique purpose, vibration and healing potential.

Just the way an Alchemist would merge together the energies of different precious metals, or a Medicine Man or Woman would create an elixir or tonic by intentionally blending together different plant energies, I see the same potential in the designing of gemstone jewelry:


Alchemy of mineral energies to specifically resonate with the wearer.

To facilitate inner balance, transmute negative energy, maximize positive attributes and to assist and encourage one's own healing and/or awakening process.




         Custom Leather Work
I can make you anything!!!!
Bodice, dress, skirt, gloves, journal cover, chaps, vest, you name it, I 'll figure out a way to make it happen to your liking! Just contact me and we'll take it from there.. 
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